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  • 1105 and Red Cross Blood Drive
    Aug 03, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters: As you are aware, I called a special meeting to discuss and vote on a proposed Inside Collective Bargaining Agreement, to be held tonight. At the time that the meeting was called, the Negotiation Committee had reached an agreement that we felt was acceptable to bring to the body. During the time since the meeting was called, we have been working diligently to get the actual language written and agreed to by the committee (Labor and Management). Unfortunately we were unable to come to an agreement on some language that is key to the agreement. Therefore, I have no choice but to cancel the ratification meeting that was to be held tonight. We will continue to work with the Employers in an effort to work out the issues at hand and will notify everyone of our progress. I remain confident that we will be able to get to a resolution on the language - just not by tonight. On behalf of your Negotiating Committee I apologize for the late notice. Bill


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Our local is proud of the long history that we have in East Central and Southeastern Ohio. We are proud of the major role that we have played in building and maintaining the electrical systems of our area and we look forward to continuing to provide the most highly skilled and qualified electricians in the area, capable of bringing all electrical projects in on time and under budget, while at the same time, protecting the rights and benefits of all workers.   
Just as new technologies in our industry continue to present themselves to us, so does the ways of effective communication. Sitting down with pen and paper for communication seems to be a thing of the past, given all of the quicker and more convenient ways of communicating and information sharing. With that being said, it is my distinct honor to welcome you to our newly updated and improved website.
We bring you this website in our continuing effort to utilize the most efficient means of communicating with our membership, employers, industry leaders and the general public.  
For our members, we encourage you to use this website to access important, up to the minute news and activities. You will also find legislative updates which affect our industry, our workers and our families. Hopefully, at the same time you can have a little fun while visiting the site. 
Additionally, please utilize this site to keep up to date on union activities, functions and events.  For others throughout the industry, I hope you find this site informative as to the many offerings that a relationship with Local 1105 can bring.
So please sit back, relax and enjoy your visit. Please come back often to keep up to date on what is going on in Local 1105.
Bill Hamilton, Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec