Retirees Club

     The retirees of IBEW 1105 have started their own club. This part of our website is dedicated to them for recognition

and dedication for their years of service. We (the active members now) owe a lot of what we have

to these gentlemen. They have dedicated much of their lives to make the IBEW what it is today.

    Pictured below are the 1105 retirees club charter members:


Pictured left to right:

Back row- T. Milo Powell, George Stevens, Donald Meighen, Frank Dickson, Paul Cummins, Carl Williams, Charles (Jake) McCall

Middle Row- Carl Orr, Cornelius (Flick) Wilson, Elmer Crothers, Wade Clark, William (Emory) Strickler, James (Bob) McCormick, Stanley Dickson, H. Blair Stewart

Front Row:-Paul Canel, Richard (Dick) Rian, Harry Broseus

Charter members not present in picture: Jim Guinther, Paul Legg, Jake Mullett.